Scenario: You’re in the bathroom, washing your hands just as mother told you. And someone flushes, walks out of the stall, and then skips the sink and exits the restroom — not without putting their hands all over the door handle, of course

Okay, so you see this, and you use your foot to kick open the disease-ridden door. But what about the next person who goes in there? Do you leave a note saying: EW DON’T TOUCH THIS ICKY HANDLE!

Nope. You just go on with your life. Well, at some point, the ignorant bathroom patron was totally you, and you touched the disgusting door handle.

To nip that scenario in the bud, two teens from Hong Kong invented a sophisticated and inexpensive door handle that disinfects itself automatically.

Sum Ming (“Simon“) Wong, 17, and Kin Pong (“Michael“) Li, 18, presented the design of their freaking awesome door handle at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair on May 12.

So, first of all, the door handle is coated with titanium dioxide, which is a mineral that kills bacteria. That takes care of preventing any bacteria from growing on the surface of the handle. Since this works best if UV light is shining on the handle, the teens installed a strong light-emitting diode (LED) on one end of the handle that shines UV light through the length of the handle.

Now that it’s lit up with UV light, the titanium dioxide can go ahead and just kill ALL the bacteria.

But, wait! There’s MORE!

The LED needs power, yes? Yes. Well, to keep the light on, Wong and Li attached a gearbox to the door that converts the motion of the gears from opening and closing the door INTO ELECTRICAL POWER. These teens thought of everything. Since that powers the LED, the door doesn’t need an outside energy source to work.

There seem to be a lot of components to the design, so I’m sure you’re thinking this is super expensive and impractical. LOL, NAH. Wong and Li estimate the self-disinfecting door handle system would cost only about $13 to build.

You don’t even have to be a Germophobe to absolutely love this. Cheers, boys.